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We’re changing what a staffing agency in San Antonio looks like.

Raising the bar from staffing to workforce solutions.

Last year, FirstOption’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Cash Cary took a critical look at the San Antonio staffing market and that deep dive analysis was eye opening. The consistent theme expressed by the San Antonio business community was that they were receiving inferior candidates, underwhelming customer service and inconsistent communication and accessibility.  The most common message…”We’re Frustrated!”

Committed to quality from day one, after 17 years we’re shifting the paradigm of what a staffing agency in San Antonio should be.

We’re accomplishing this by:

  • Placing 100% of our focus on the Client. We invest a lot of time getting to know You. Your Business. Your Culture. Your WorkForce related Challenges and Your Vision for the future. Understanding YOU is paramount.
  • Solving your company’s workforce related needs, holistically. We don’t exclude certain types of jobs or industries. If you have a workforce related need, we are here to solve it for you.
  • Removing the word “Staffing” from our name. “Staffing” has developed a negative connotation caused by most staffing companies competing at the lowest common denominator. FirstOption WorkForce Solutions is focused on providing World-Class Excellence…of Service, Filtration and Communication. We are a Partner committed to your long-term success.
  • Developing a website that’s website focused on the customer experience. It’s clean in design, user friendly, easily navigated, functional and responsive. We’ve also launched several new, innovative customer focused initiatives such as our referral program and “on your time” appointment calendar.

If you haven’t worked with FirstOption lately, you haven’t worked with FirstOption.

FirstOption WorkForce Solutions – “DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE!”