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5 Job Seeking Tips in a Post-Covid World.

We are now living in a different world; a world that has forever been changed by the pandemic. Most of us have never had to adjust to a completely different way of approaching everything, from elbow bumps to dining out. Like everything else, looking for a new job post-Covid is going to have many changes & challenges, and we want to help you navigate this new job seeking world as easily as possible.

1. Resume

First things first! Be sure to update your resume and cover letter with your latest work, experience and/or skills history. Ask a good friend to read it for clarity and typos, and don’t forget to use your computer’s spell checker! Bonus: Create a flashy “fancypants” resume for print and email (here are some free templates). And also create a plain text resume that you can copy and paste to online job portals.

2. Keep Applying!

It comes down to this, it’s all about numbers. The more applications you complete, the higher the chance that you’ll land your next job. However, only apply for jobs that fit your skill set. Else you’ll just be wasting time for both the prospective employer and yourself.

3. Call the Company

Most employers are still not doing in-person interviews for everyone’s safety. So, if you’ve already applied and haven’t gotten a reply, you may have simply gotten lost in the shuffle. As the saying goes, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Search for the company’s general phone number online but before you dial, click thru to their web site. Take the time to get to know who they are, what they do and if their corporate culture appeals to you. Then go ahead and call them and let them know you’re really interested in joining their team.

4. Update & Clean Up your Social Media Profiles

You’re in the market for a job. Now is not the time to make any crazy statements of expression if you want to be hired. In other words, if your social media profile(s) would make your grandmother blush, then it’s time to clean them up and lock them down. Most employers will review at least 2 of your social media profiles (especially your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram). If your profile photo is something other than your own smiling face, you might want to update that right away as well.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

This is a new and strange time for everyone and it’s going to take a lot of adjusting in the coming months. Being kind to yourself is not just taking a bubble bath with a cocktail in-hand. Really taking care of your body and mind are vitally important during the transition. Balance your diet and get plenty of “play time” to offset the stress. Sometimes just realizing that everyone is in new territory will help you to give grace to yourself and others.

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