Employer Resources

We may not be your ONLY OPTION for Employer Resources,
but we should be your FIRSTOPTION!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge and what does it cover?

Of course, FirstOption offers you Employer Resources and charges a bill rate by the hour worked. It includes recruiting, qualifying, onboarding, drug testing, background checks, and specified skills testing. It includes all taxes, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, and much more.  The bill rate can be affected by many factors. We can discuss your Company’s individual needs just give us a call or contact us today.

Where do you staff?

Generally, most of our staffing is done for you in the Greater San Antonio Area, although we do have client partners located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Boston MA, Alexandria VA, etc. So if you are interested in partnering with us regardless of where you are located let’s chat!

What kinds of positions do you staff?

Here at FirstOption we staff a variety of industries and skillsets including but definitely not limited to the following:

  • Automotive / Aeronautical Manufacturing
  • Administrative Clerical
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Industrial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Construction/ Building Services
  • Technical Trades

Are you insured?

Yes, FirstOption carries Worker’s compensation on all temporary employees as well as general liability coverages. We will be happy to discuss specific coverage needs with you.

What extra services do you offer?

We at FirstOption have a vast array of service capabilities to include:

  • Client specific reporting
  • Timeclock solutions – biometric, geofencing, mobile solutions, Real time web based time and attendance reports
  • Paycard, Direct Deposit for all temporaries
  • Onsite employee management
  • Customized Client specific onboarding – testing, onboarding paperwork, deduction forms, etc.
  • Call us to discuss you specific needs!

Why is it so expensive?

Everyone always wants fast, good, and cheap but you can’t have them all. Certainly, you can have it fast and good but it won’t be cheap. You can have fast and cheap but they won’t be good. You can have good and cheap but it won’t be fast…..

How long must an employee work through FirstOption before I can hire on to my company?

An employee must work a contracted number of hours before being hired on. This number will vary by client based on many factors but standard starts around 720 regular hours.

How long do job assignments last?

Assignments are based on client need. If you need temp help for one week or you need a temp to hire candidate we can help. Whether you need one or one hundred we will be more than happy to assist.

Can I hire an employee on my payroll before their assignment is over?


We offer our client partners the ability to hire our associates full-time before the end of the contract. The buyout fee is based on the remaining hours left in the contract.

Can I hire talent immediately onto my payroll instead of being a temp first??


FirstOption offers our client partners the ability to hire our associates full-time. This is considered a direct hire opportunity.

How do I know my company is going to be a top priority?

FirstOption works in teams and all Clients are assigned to a respective team to manage their account. You will always have a FirstOption employee that is familiar with your business and dedicated to specifically solving your problems.

Do you offer health insurance to the employees while they are hired under FirstOption?

Of Course,

And Indeed, We have offered our valued team members an affordable, ACA-compliant healthcare benefits program.

What happens if I am not happy with a employee FirstOption has placed at my company?

Call your account manager immediately and let us handle it.

We aren’t perfect but we wanna be!  Of course we are always focused on finding the right fit for you and your company, so if someone isn’t working out let us find their replacement asap!
Remember, we can’t fix stupid but we can replace it.

What happens if a FirstOption employee is injured on an assignment?

Certainly If the injury is severe or otherwise urgent, you must call 911.

Otherwise, call our Staffing Specialists immediately. Our employee’s health and safety are our #1 priority.
If after hours, we have an after-hours injury plan we will be happy to discuss it with you!