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6 Reasons Why You Should Partner With FirstOption Workforce Solutions

By June 11, 2019No Comments
  • FirstOption is a locally-owned staffing company with an emphasis on customer service
  • We maintain a large roster of screened and vetted employees who are ready to work
  • Our team is prepared to render assistance with contractor management and payroll

The team at FirstOption Workforce Solutions stands ready to aid hiring managers in sourcing and attracting top talent. In a competitive business environment, the right employees can make all the difference when it comes to standing above rivals.

Our staffing agency has access to deep talent pools of prospective short-term, contract and full-time employees your company can take advantage of.

Keep reading for six reasons why you should team up with FirstOption Workforce Solutions.

  • Gives Your Company a Chance to Keep Options Open:

    Some companies struggle to make hiring decisions because they are not sure whether a new employee will fit into the workplace. At FirstOption, we can assist in the sourcing and management of temp-to-hire employees so your company can get a first-hand look at how a worker does before making a long-term hiring commitment.

  • We Have a Deep Understanding of Local Business:

    Many staffing agencies try to spread their reach too far and operate in markets where they have little familiarity. As a locally owned company, FirstOption has a deep understanding of the business landscape in the San Antonio area and what type of workers could best suit your company. We have profound insights that only a local company can give.

  • Effective Workforce Management:

    Instead of trying to have your hiring manager keep track of a team, let our experienced staffers save the company stress and money by managing the day-to-day work of contract employees. If you need more employees, we always stay prepared with screened and tested personnel who are ready to work.

  • Lessen Administrative Burdens:

    Payroll can be tricky to manage, especially if your company is bringing on a variety of new employees. We can aid a company in distributing W-2s and 1099s, claims processing and the reporting of new hires.

  • Access to Online Web Connection Services:

    All clients who partner with FirstOption gain access to an online portal that gives chances to review current workforce placements, approve timecards and examine invoices in-depth. Temporary employees also have the ability to enter timecards and view payment amounts through the portal.

  • Ready-to-Hire Temporary Employees:

    Looking for a last-minute fill in or some extra hands during a busy week? We maintain a large database of temporary workers who are ready to jump in and contribute to your company. After a temporary project has concluded, you do not have to worry about unemployment claims as workers report back to FirstOption to wait for a new assignment.

Find the Right People for the Job Now

If you have workforce-related needs, FirstOption Workforce Solutions stands ready to assist with finding the right people for the job. Book an appointment to learn more about what we offer and check out a sampling of clients we have collaborated with here.

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