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What Will Happen If Your Hiring Process Takes Too Long?

By June 25, 2019No Comments

In a competitive world for workers, hiring managers face fierce competition in the race to hire top talent. While many companies are willing to go the extra mile to find the right people to fill job posts, a hiring process that drags on for a long period of time can put your recruitment efforts at a stark disadvantage.

Well-qualified applicants to a job post are most likely fielding multiple offers. Companies that move decisively during the hiring process are often able to entice people to accept an offer. Businesses that move too slow are going to struggle to hire temporary, contract or full-time employees.

A hiring process that is too drawn out will not bode well for a company. Here’s why.

  • The Company Will Lose Out on Some of the Best Candidates: A drawn-out hiring process will cause candidates to lose interest in a company, especially if follow-up correspondence from a hiring manager is nonexistent.

    A Robert Half survey called ‘Time to Hire’ found how 23% of respondents admitted they lost interest in a firm if they did not receive word back within one week of a first interview. Thirty-nine percent said they pursued other roles when faced with a long hiring process. People are inclined to take other positions if a company takes too long to make a final hiring decision.
  • Contributes to a Negative Company Image: In the same survey, nearly one-third of respondents noted how a long hiring process led them to question aspects of company’s organizational skills and ability to make decisions.

    A slow hiring process can give a company a reputation for poor workplace culture. It can seem like a hiring manager is not very motivated to attract top talent and fill job postings. In the age of social media, a few reviews or critical comments can drive down future applications and drive customers away.

Most candidates are not willing to wait a long time to hear back about a job, especially if they are in a competitive industry.

Companies interested in hiring the right people should take a hard look at their current hiring procedures and recruitment team to smooth out the entire process. Make sure resumes and recommendations get in the hands of the right people.

It is also prudent to enlist the help of a reliable recruiter or staffing agency to make it easier to find the right future employees.

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A staffing service, like FirstOption Workforce Solutions, has a deep network of temp-to-hire, contract and prospective direct hire employees for a company to take advantage of and can assist with management of the workforce.

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