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Here Are 5 Signs Your Top Talent Might Leave Soon

By August 28, 2019No Comments
Woman holding notebook that says "I quit!"

Hiring new employees is a challenge for many companies. Managers often worry about who they should bring on and whether they will be a good fit.

That’s where many companies stop when it comes to dealing with employees. This can be a big mistake. Employees who decide to quit or move on can send an organization into disarray.

Certain employees have skills that are hard to replace. Others take on a lot of necessary work that might sit undone if they decide to leave the company.

It is important for bosses and executives to have perception about who might be ready to leave.

Understanding employee dynamics can help a leader step in to alleviate an issue before people start to move on. There are usually warning signs before an employee decides to leave a company.

Here are the five signs to look out for:

  1. Complaining: Employees who complain about their boss are often thinking about leaving soon, especially if their concerns are not addressed. This becomes especially true for highly skilled talent since they know job prospects are strong.

  2. Different Wardrobes: Dedicated employees usually follow company dress code and strive to look good. But workers who come in looking a bit more dapper might have another interview on the horizon. Consequently, employees who start to suddenly dress in a sloppier manner are usually ready to leave a company.
  • High LinkedIn Activity: Employees who are trying to land an interview at a new firm often work LinkedIn hard. They might start commenting on the posts of key executives, post articles to gain a following or otherwise try to impress people with hiring power. This type of activity usually means an employee is looking to score an interview with a different firm.
  • Strange Time Patterns: Taking off odd amounts of time or suddenly switching up a lunch schedule can be a big tip off. Employees are either getting uncomfortable at their current job or are scheduling interviews.
  • Decline in Work Quality: Employees who are happy do good work. Assignments that are late or poor quality often signify spark and energy might be gone. This usually means an employee is looking for a new option.

Attracting good talent can be difficult, but what can a company do if employees start to leave? At FirstOption Workforce Solutions, we are able to source employees with companies looking to hire after carrying out proper vetting and background checks.

To learn more about how we can help you find top-tier employees to replenish your team, give FirstOption Workforce Solutions a call today.

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