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7 Ways to Keep Your Employees Safe in the Workplace

By August 14, 2019No Comments

Workplaces are where world-changing tasks get done. They’re spots where friendships are made. A strong workplace can be an oasis for people as they grow and cultivate talents and abilities.

Workplaces can also be dangerous. Leaders are responsible to ensure the safety of every employee. Team members who do not feel safe are going to work in a less efficient manner.

Keep reading for seven strategies to adopt in order to keep employees safe in the workplace.

1) Be Realistic. Living in denial when it comes to safety is dangerous. An incident can occur at any business, no matter how safe it might be seen. A smart safety strategy starts when people are realistic about the security situation.

2) Teach Awareness. Most incidents can be avoided if employees are actively watching out for strange or suspicious behavior. Encourage people to report any weird situations and follow up with reports to the police or relevant authorities if needed. Being polite yet assertive goes a long way towards practicing good awareness.

3) Come up With Plans. A safe workplace is one where people know what to do if disaster strikes. Educate employees about operating procedures for a shooter or other catastrophic event.

4) Solicit Advice. Many law enforcement professionals or private security companies are happy to work with businesses to teach good safety practices. Some can even help with a disaster strategy or safety plan. Good due diligence about finding the right professional will go a long way towards crafting safe and effective procedures.

5) Appoint Leaders. Workforce leaders should be appointed to take on responsibility in an emergency. This turns security into a team affair.

6) Provide Training Courses. Employees may express interest in learning situational awareness or self-defense skills. Providing this type of training through work can boost employee morale and even save lives in a dangerous situation.

7) Drill. Drill. Drill. Don’t let safety plans sit in the dust. Drill employees on how to escape the building or where to go during an emergency. Doing so might save lives. 

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