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Here’s 7 Ways To Properly Manage Millennials

By November 27, 2019No Comments

Data from the Pew Research Center says Millennials, as of 2016, make up the largest portion of the workforce.

Many companies realize the Millennial generation possess skills, interests, abilities, and backgrounds that differ significantly from older employees.

Smart managers understand they must make some changes and adaptations to get the best work from Millennial employees. However, many don’t know where to start.

We’ve compiled a quick-and-easy list of points for managers to keep in mind to effectively manage millennials.

Keep reading for seven sound strategies to help guide your workplace policies and culture.

  1. Make Teamwork Key: It’s common for Millennials to have worked on team projects and groups through school. Managers should structure staff in a manner that fosters collaboration and communication to keep their employees involved and engaged.
  • Serve As A Mentor: Most Millennials are turned-off by managers and bosses who follow rigid power structures or flex their authority excessively. Managers should understand Millennials will be more responsive to leadership that stylizes themselves as mentors. Respect should be earned through consistency and honesty.
  • Give Praise: Millennials thrive on praise – and managers should be mindful to offer encouraging words and recognition when warranted.
  • Don’t Toss Out Technology: Some managers try and crackdown on social media and technology use at work. Smart ones understand the capabilities Millennials can bring to a company and foster integration. For example, asking Millennials to ‘mentor’ older workers on technology can build company camaraderie and teach employees new skills.
  • Offer Flexible Work Options: Many Millennials are tech-savvy and focused enough to do good work away from the office. Managers who offer flexibility with working remotely often find it easier to attract talented Millennials and keep them long-term.
  • Make Results Matter: Research from Qualtrics found how most Millennials are focused on results and the bottom line, rather than structure and process. Managers might think about adjusting workflow, schedules, and dress codes to focus on the end goals.
  • Understand That Money Isn’t Everything: Managers should understand some Millennials value flexible hours, extra time off, or other perks, as opposed to a higher salary. Effective managers should know how to balance these desires to attract top talent and still keep current employees interested.

Are you having trouble finding top-tier Millennial employees? Need some advice about how to integrate a new hire into your workplace? We at First Option Workforce Solutions have your back.

Our teams are able to source a wide range of prospective Millennial employees and are happy to offer tips and advice about how to cultivate an attractive workplace culture.

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