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Do You Have Underperforming Employees? Here’s How To Track Them

By November 13, 2019No Comments

Managers who have been in their roles for long enough eventually run into an employee who is not performing up to expectations. It might seem easier just to ignore the issue – but this can have dire consequences.

An employee who is not doing good work can hurt the output of your entire company and lead to worse morale, especially if colleagues have to pick up the slack.

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind while monitoring underperforming employees.

  • Watch For Errors: Every worker is going to make a mistake. Most employees understand what needs to get done and will turn in error-free work. Employees who consistently fail to do so might be overwhelmed, or in a position they are not able to handle.

    Managers should understand constant rectification is usually a sign of an underperforming employee. They should be vigilant in watching for higher-quality work that indicates an employee is back on track.
  • Keep Notice About Absences And Rule-Following: Employees who are absent consistently, aside from legitimate personal or work-related reasons, are most likely not motivated or interested. Managers should track employee’s timecards and days off to spot and monitor underperforming staff.
  • Focus On Just The Facts: Keep tabs on employees you suspect are underperforming by setting clear deadlines and deliverables. Employees who consistently fail to meet assigned goals and targets are either slacking off or otherwise not working efficiently. Keeping close track of assignments and their status will help managers get an idea and monitor underperforming employees, and even help by stepping in and re-adjusting priorities if necessary.
  • Get A Sense About Priorities: Employees should understand they will be given a large amount of responsibility and numerous different tasks. It’s often up to them to make decisions at times about what to address first to make sure important work is completed.

    Underperforming employees who fail in this arena and are not able to draw out roadmaps to help reach final goals. Therefore, managers should keep priorities in mind as they track these employees.

FirstOption Workforce Solutions can help your company find and hire employees who are a good fit for your organization and who are ready to work.

Our team is also prepared to offer advice if your company is having issues with underperforming employees or needs a strategy to keep tabs on worker productivity.

To learn more, speak with FirstOption Workforce Solutions today at 210-733-3700 or contact us online.

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