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Need to Improve Employee Morale? Here’s How.

By July 3, 2019No Comments

The concept of trying to figure out and improve employee engagement and morale in the workplace has received a large amount of attention in recent decades. Companies that are struggling with low morale often have disgruntled employees who are not working as efficiently as possible.

If these employees end up leaving the business, they might spread negativity about your company to friends and family and will not be the best ambassadors of the company while on the job if they are interacting with visitors or clients.

A 2018 report from HR.com called “The State of Employee Engagement In 2018” found only 40% of senior leaders prioritized workforce engagement. If you are trying to figure out how to improve employee engagement and morale, it is a lot more than just trying to work against employee burnout.

Keep reading for a few ways to help improve employee morale and boost the collective confidence and overall character of a workforce.

·         Offer Public Recognition

Employees who are energized about their jobs are ones that receive praise when it’s due. One Glassdoor appreciation survey found 56% of employees stayed at their jobs for a longer period of time if they received appreciation from a boss.

Private recognition has its place, but public praise is one of the easiest ways to improve the overall morale of a workplace. It gives employees an opportunity to reflect on their achievements and encourages others to be generous with their praise. Set up a system where top performers are recognized at meetings and encourage employees to praise their colleagues.

·         Foster a Culture of Learning

With a competitive job market, the ability to keep learning over one’s career is absolutely imperative. A company that does not encourage learning is one where people are going to get discouraged, since they will feel disengaged and concerned about ‘falling behind’ compared to peers in the same field.

As a result, foster employee morale by giving opportunities for employees to keep learning. Pay for training programs to increase productivity and give staff more resume skills and let them attend meetings and trainings in other departments.

·         Make Solid Business Decisions

The best employees are going to get discouraged if they feel like leadership is not making good decisions for the long-term viability of a company. Issues need to be handled decisively by senior leadership.

A high-morale workplace stems from leadership that makes decisions and sticks by them.

If the decision was not the right move, there is no issue regarding transparency about what went wrong and then moving forward.

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