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Temp Agency in San Antonio

By March 21, 2019No Comments

When we at FirstOption Staffing decided to re-brand as FirstOption Workforce Solutions, the decision was not a simple one or based on just changing a name.  The new brand means something to our staff, employees and our client partners.

San Antonio recognized as one of the top job seeker markets.  This meant that we had to focus on communicating what makes us different.  We had to show why our client partners that are looking to fill positions look to us for the best candidates in the market.

Our Process is Unmatched

We’ve developed a process that is the envy of most San Antonio staffing agencies.  We first work to help you identify the staffing needs.  These needs include job related skills and personal character traits that the right candidate for the job must have.  We customize the recruiting plan to insure we are getting the candidates.  We use our filtration process to meet the requirements.  Proactively communicate with you throughout the process past job filling and fulfillment.

Job Seekers Know We’re More Than A Temp Agency in San Antonio

When job seekers have plenty of choices in staffing agencies in San Antonio.  They know that a temp agency is looking to fill jobs for their client partners as soon as possible and they want to get places as soon as possible as well.  Over the years, job seekers have come to understand that FirstOption is not like other employment agencies.  They know that we see them as more than a body that will fill a spot.  Our commitment to job seekers and what a change in career can meet to their family and quality of life is talked about among the candidates that come through our doors.

We’re Meeting our Commitment

With every candidate we place in a job, we are meeting our commitment to our client partners, our community and our employees.  A commitment that we made far before we decided to change our name.  In fact, the changing of the name was necessary to properly reflect what we’ve been doing for many years already…making a difference.

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