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The Difference in Staffing Agencies in San Antonio

By March 21, 2019No Comments

Staffing Agencies in San Antonio

There are more than 190 staffing agencies in San Antonio and new ones popping up every year.  What makes one San Antonio staffing agency different from the next?  Service.

At FirstOption Workforce Solutions, we decided to show what makes us different. We offer much more than staffing.  We offer workforce solutions.

But what does that really mean?

The staffing industry has developed an image that portrays agencies as spot fillers.  Some have even described staffing agencies as providers of “warm bodies” that can fulfill basic tasks.   FirstOption Workforce Solutions does so much more than that.

We have developed a process that gives us a competitive advantage in the quality or personnell that we provide to our clients.  Our staff looks beyond the immediate need.  They look for solutions to client’s problems or kinks in their production process that can be solved with the right person in the right position.

Our team also looked at the relationships we have developed with our client partners.  They understand that they rely on us to constantly research and develop new ways to increase their productivity.  We know  that personnel is the most critical component of all well oiled operations.  We bring our knowledge and expertise to the table to help increase their bottom line.

Increase in Executive Search

In a thriving economy, many employers are looking to fill jobs.  Jobs that they might have cut or did not exist during challenging economic times.  This shift in the workforce focus represents an opportunity for staffing companies to recruit and deliver high quality executive level candidates.  At FirstOption Workforce Solutions, we strive to find and make available only the best candidates for the job.  Our extensive skill set testing and background check filters out candidates that are not quite the fit.  Client partners have come to expect a high quality candidate to come through their door when they’ve been placed by our recruiting team.

The World Economic Forum recently reported that there is actually more than one job available for each unemployer person.  A high amount of job openings means that filling a position can be a daunting and highly competitive exercise.  Any staffing agency in San Antonio is going to have a challenge ahead of them and that’s why at FirstOption Workforce Solutions we invest in tools and human capitol that will give us a competitive edge in finding candidates that other staffing agencies might have overlooked.

We hope that you will give us a chance to surpass your expectations by visiting our office and sharing your business challenges.  We’re confident that we have a workforce solution that will meet your staffing agency needs.

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