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These Secrets Will Help Keep Your Employees Happy

By October 9, 2019No Comments

In a competitive business world, attracting and keeping top talent can be difficult. Businesses often offer enticing benefits to try to lure staffers away from other companies.

Retaining employees for the long term has several key benefits. It presents an image of stability to outside customers and investors, especially if strong relationships are forged. Keeping staff around also cultivates a healthy workplace culture that boosts a firm’s foundation and overall morale.

But what is the secret to keeping employees happy and encouraging them to stay with your company? It’s not just about the money. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind to keep your team happy and fulfilled, especially when a more substantial salary isn’t the sole desire.

  1. Be Open, Honest, and Balanced. Happy employees know their comments and advice are considered by senior staff. Transparency in the workplace, especially when it comes to long-term company goals or visions, goes a long way towards keeping employees motivated and focused. Workplace leaders would be especially wise to address any issues or problems with a clear course of action for the future, along with any lessons learned. People remember humility – and the lessons might prove to be valuable for another employee down the road.
  • Promote Perks That Foster Personal Growth. Making an effort to reward your top employees helps them feel valued. One reward is to offer extra vacation days – with encouragement to spend the free time with family, pursue a passion or take a trip to a dream destination. Well-rested and refreshed workers often perform better and spread their energy to the rest of your team.

    Another small perk that can reap big dividends is in-office communication. Creating a few relaxing areas where employees can stop and chat can optimize work and help employees build stronger ties with each other. That quick discussion on the sofa could jump-start the next big company project. Or a word of advice over a snack could be all an employee needed to turn a hobby into something much bigger.
  • Look at the Bigger Picture. Happy employees are those who feel their company is investing in them. Career development opportunities, like training and mentoring, are useful, but they should be combined with discussions about new job roles or advancement within the company. Employees who have a clear understanding of potential growth within your office are more apt to stick around and fully invest in career development.

Finding the right people for your company might seem difficult. Keeping them happy might seem even harder.

A staffing service like FirstOption Workforce Solutions eliminates the guessing game for your company. Our team can source, vet and match prospective employees with companies seeking new talent, and work with your company on creating a healthy and positive work environment to keep employees happy.

To learn more about our world-class staffing services, and how we can craft a customized recruiting plan for you, speak with FirstOption Workforce Solutions today at 210-733-3700 or contact us online.

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