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Should You Drug Test Your Team?

By October 23, 2019No Comments

HR professionals always have a lot to think about, but the question of drug testing employees remains a complicated and stressful issue. Some workplaces argue drug testing invades a worker’s privacy. Others say testing promotes a safe and productive environment.

In the American workplace, drug testing has mostly been a standard since the 1988 Drug-Free Workplace regulations, which required certain federal companies to drug test employees.

The trend spread to the private sector, and a bulk of employers across the country still have some required drug testing program. Nearly 90% of Fortune 500 businesses drug test, but some high-profile entities, like Google, Twitter, and Whole Foods, have decided to shift away from the practice.

Questions about drug testing have only intensified in recent years. Gradual, loosening stances towards marijuana in several states (so far) has led some to argue for decreased consistency in drug testing.

Research shows different perceptions based on generations. One study revealed how one in four millennials would say no to a job offer if the company drug tested. The same research showed 46% of employees over 30 would lose confidence in colleagues who smoked marijuana, even recreationally.

While drug testing your employees might be a contentious issue, doing so offers several benefits. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Drug Testing Helps Employees Self-Examine Their Activities. People who are habitual drug users can be evasive or secretive about their activities. This can have a profound impact on their health, the lives of their family, and productivity inside of the workplace. Drug testing can serve as a wake-up call for people who regularly use drugs, and can also pose as a deterrent, coupled with proper informed consent procedures, for those who might consider experimentation.
  • Promotes a Safe and Effective Workplace. Drug use and abuse can have a profound effect on employees and a business’ bottom line. Estimates are abuse can cost U.S. businesses at least $140 billion each year, largely due to expenses associated with employee turnover. Drug screening tests are a lot less expensive than having to hire and train new employees. High turnover decreases workplace morale and can make it difficult for team members to bond and collaborate.

Many companies worry about how to effectively drug test employees. Others wonder how to find new talent that is vetted and drug-free. FirstOption Workforce Solutions can help your company with both.

Our staffing team is well equipped to screen and ensure prospective employees are drug tested before they are referred as a potential hire. This ensures your company can fill open positions with the right people.

To learn more, speak with FirstOption Workforce Solutions today at 210-733-3700 or contact us online.

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